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Paso Doble: Methods of Changing Feet (Silver)

Most figures in Paso Doble start with the Man taking a RF step on the first beat of a bar of music. In some of the more advanced figures, the Man will have ended with weight on RF, therefore it is necessary to use one of the following methods to effect a change of feet:

1 Hesitation Hold position with weight on either RF or LF for one beat. This is usually followed with Sur Place commencing with free foot on the second beat
2 Syncopated Sur Place Dance 5 Sur Place, starting with LF (Count "1 2 & 3 4)
3 Syncopated Chasse LF fwd (Count "1"), then two Chasses to Right, turning 1/8 or 1/4 to L between 1 and 2 (Count "2 & 3 4")
4 Coup de Pique LF Sur Place (Count "1"), then 1-4 Coup de Pique (Count "2 3 4 1"), Sur Place LF (Count "2), then 2 more Sur Place or Chasse to Right (Count "3 4")
5 Left Foot Variation Dance the Left Foot Variation

To change feet in order to follow with the Left Foot Variation, use Method 1 (Hold position with weight on RF for one beat), Method 2 starting with RF, or 1-4 Coup de Pique