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Turning Chasse (PreBronze)

The Turning Chasse may be commenced on LF or RF, and are danced as the Side Chasse, where the foot positions used on steps 1 and 3 may vary, depending on individual interpretation of speed of turn.

Note about the Jive Chasse

In its basic form, the chasse in Jive is a group of three steps taken in any forward, backward, or sideways direction, with or without turn, counted "Q a Q." The first step is taken with split weight, the second step is moved toward the other foot, the third step continues to move in the direction required. The chasse may also be danced in place with feet almost closed

Step 1 3/4 beat
Step 2 1/4 beat
Step 3 1 beat

For teaching purposes, the Jive chasse may be replaced with a single step (Count "S") or "tap, step" or "step, tap" (Count "Q Q").