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Cha Cha/Rumba Walks Backward

1 Commence, for example, with LF back, RF held forward with heel released and pressure on toe (Both legs straight)
2 Using the "settling" hip movement, commence to move RF back on ball of foot, knee slightly flexed, until it passes under body, then extend back to toe
3 With a smooth action, take weight over RF. Straighten right knee. Lower right heel, at a rate depending on the beat value of the step. A natural turn out of RF occurs, completing the rotational hip action
4 During the weight change, release left heel without bending the knee. Allow a slight straightening of LF
5 Retain tone in left leg with pressure on the left (both legs are now straight)
Continue with a LF Walk in the same manner
Note Because of the turn out of the RF, the toe will end in line with the heel of the LF