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Cha Cha / Rumba Spiral Action

The following is the description of the Lady's Spiral Action, turning to L, which commences from step 3 of the syllabus figure named The Spiral. However, the action of a Spiral Action may be danced from many other positions.

1 Commence from step 2 of The Spiral, then RF fwd & slightly across as a Delayed Extended Forward Walk, facing LOD, outside edge of toe. Upper body over turned from the previous step to be facing DC, toward Man.  &
2 Transfer full weight fwd & across to RF to end with all of the muscular blocks of the body in a centred vertical line of balance, toe turned out approximately 1/16 of a turn from the track of movement and leg straight. LF held extended backward, without weight, with thigh and foot turned out as full as the dancer's physique allows, using a slight pressure on the inside edge of toe, both legs straight. Upper body remains over turned. Ball heel (heel lowering without weight). 4
3 Using a slight foot rise to ball of RF, turn 1/2  to L on RF to end backing LOD with LF remaining in place, changing from inside edge of ball to outside edge of ball of foot. &
4 Continue to rise through pulling up the inner thigh and lower stomach muscles and continue to turn on RF the required amount for the following step, LF crosses in front of RF without weight, with slight pressure on outside edge of toe, to end high on right toe. End with all the muscular blocks of the body in a centred vertical line of balance. (1)&
5 Remaining on R toe, commence to settle R shoulder weight, creating a slight movement of head and body forward, allowing the hips to commence to rotate to R and lower rib cage to move L. This will release the pressure from the LF and allow the L knee to commence moving forward, creating 1/8 turn to L. a
6 Remaining on R toe, continue to settle R shoulder weight, hip rotation to R and rib cage to L side, LF forward with toe in light contact with the floor and knee flexed, gradually lowering to normal height to ball of foot. There will be a gradual increase of pressure in contact of the floor until the heel lowers and the knee straightens just before the extend of the stride, creating a position of split weight; both knees straight with LF turned out approximately 1/16 to L. 2
7 Transfer full weight fwd to LF, continuing into the desired following step. &


1 To produce the correct leg action on the following step, it is necessary to create the 1/8 turn to L between the actual Spiral Action and the following Forward Walk.
2 The Man will assist the Lady to balance the Spiral Action with a gentle but positive rotation of the raised joined L hand around the Lady's head.