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Cha Cha/Rumba Pressed Forward Walk

Use this type of Forward Walk to end a forward progression in one direction, followed by a very quick turn to a new forward direction. It also provides the possibility of creating the correct shape between partners to provide an intimate visual connection without being too close to the partner, which would make such a connection uncomfortable. It is a requirement on figures, such as step 3 of the Lady's Closed Hip Twist.

1 Commence from step 2 of a Lady's Closed Hip Twist with weight on LF 3&
2 Commence to settle L shoulder weight, creating a very slight movement of head and body forward, which will commence the quick turn to L on LF, allowing the hips to rotate to the L and lower rib cage to move to R. This will release the pressure from the RF and allow the R knee to commence moving forward.
Turn the centre line of the body 1/2 to L
3 RF forward with R leg in line with L leg, toe in light contact with the floor, and knee flexed, then after the foot has passed under the body, to ball of foot with RF turned out 1/8 to R. The R knee will remain flexed, checking the transfer of weight to a position of split weight, with L leg remaining straight, foot flat, carrying the majority of weight, turned out approximately 1/8 to L. The L shoulder weight remains settled and hips remain rotated to L. 4
4 Hold Position &a1
5 Commence to rotate hips to R and transfer full weight forward to RF, gaining a position of centre to allow all of the muscular blocks of the body to be in a vertical line of balance. Retain tone in the extended L leg, turning the foot out as full as the dancer's physique allows, maintaining pressure on the inside edge of the L toe. &
6 If dancing a Closed Hip Twist, continue by turning to R on RF, settling R shoulder weight, rotating hips to R and move lower rib cage to L. This will release the pressure from the LF and allow the L knee to move forward to end with LF close to RF without weight, L knee flexed. a
rumba walk extended forward straight leg yulia


1 The Pressed Forward Walk is a popular technique in many figures, but is usually associated with a Hip Twist turn, danced by Man or Lady. The action provides an increased speed of turn or movement after extending the rhythm in the split weight position. It is effective on movements outside partner, on R or L side, having turned from the previous standing foot.
2 It is necessary to hold the shoulders relatively still, parallel to partner, particularly if dancing in Closed Hold, to achieve the effect of hip rotation and separation of the muscle groups of the body.
3 While the Pressed Forward walk usually precedes a Hip Twist action, it is also possible to choose choreography in which the movement following action 4 (the holding of position) is either: a weight change backward, a Forward Walk without turn, a side step, or a closing step.