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Twist Chasse (Silver)

1 RF forward, Pressed Forward Walk, having turned 1/4 to left toward the end of the preceding beat of music 4
2 Turn 1/4 to right on RF and close LF to RF. Knees relaxed, hips central &
3 RF to side. Knees straight, hips to right 1
Footwork 1 Ball, 2 Balls of both feet, 3 Ball flat
Note Turn on 1 is initiated from the hips, which are turned more than the upper body
Silver Man may dance a Twist Chasse in place of the last three steps of any figure ended in Fan Position
Gold Lady dances a Twist Chasse on 3-5 of Hip Twist Spiral, and she may also use it in place of 3-5 of the Closed Hip Twist. It may be danced by Man and Lady in place of 8-10 of Man's Closed Basic when in Right Side, Right Shadow, or Tandem Position, using the same foot as partner

Note about the Cha Cha Chasse

The 4th beat in each bar of music is divided into two equal parts, each part using a half beat. The first two steps of the Cha Cha Cha Chasse are taken on these two half beats (counts '4 and'), and the third step is taken on the first beat of the following bar of music (count '1')

In its basic form, this chasse is a group of three steps taken in any forward, backward, or sideways direction, with the second step moving toward (or to) the other foot

Steps 1 and 2 of all Chasses have equal weight distribution (Exception: Twist Chasse)

The chasse may also be danced in place or without turn

In the charts, for simplicity, only the foot position of the first step of each chasse is given (Example: RF forward to chasse RLR). Where the third step of each chasse is given. The type of chasse used is also given (Examples: Forward Lock, Compact Chasse, etc.)