Twist Turn (Silver)

Commence in Closed or Contact Position

Man Foot Position Alignment Turn Foot-
Lead & Shape Count
1 Appel on RF Facing wall No turn or slight body turn to L WF Commence PP Shape 1
2 LF to side in PP Moving along LOD, facing DW 1/8 to L between 1&2 HF Achieve PP Shape 2
3 RF fwd in PP and CBMP Facing DW Commence to turn R HF Maintain PP Shape 3
4 LF to side and slightly back Backing LOD 3/8 to R between 3&4 BF Commence CPP Shape 4
5 Cross RF behind LF, slightly back " No turn B Achieve CPP Shape 5
6 Twist to R with weight on both feet, allowing feet to uncross. End with weight on LF, slightly back End facing LOD 1/2 to R between 5&6 Pressure on B of both feet. End LF flat Commence PP Shape 6
7 RF to side Facing LOD No turn B or BF Achieve PP Shape 7
8 Close LF to RF " " B or BF Maintain PP Shape 8
Lady Foot Position Alignment Turn Footwork Count
1 Appel on LF Facing centre No turn or slight body turn to R WF 1
2 RF to side in PP Along LOD, facing DC 1/8 to R between 1&2 HF 2
3 LF fwd and across in PP and CBMP Pointing LOD 1/8 to R between 2&3, body turns less HF 3
4 RF fwd, facing LOD Facing LOD Body completes turn HF 4
5 LF fwd, L side leading, preparing to step OP Down LOD, facing DW 1/8 to R between 4&5 HF 5
6 RF fwd in CBMP, OP Facing wall 1/8 to R between 5&6 HB, foot flat 6
7 LF to side Backing LOD 1/4 to R between 6&7 B or BF 7
8 Close RF to LF " No turn B or BF 8

Preceding Figures

Silver-Gold Any syllabus figure ended with feet together, facing wall

Preceding Figures

Silver 1-4 Open Telemark
Gold Fallaway Reverse Turn with Open Telemark ending - Outside Turn

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Silver-Gold Any syllabus figure commenced with feet together, facing LOD