Sur Place (PreBronze)

A series of steps danced in Closed or Contact Position, replacing the weight from one foot to the other, each step taking one beat of music. The weight changes are danced with strong pressure into the ball of the foot with the heel just off, or lightly in contact with the floor. Ball of foot contact with floor is released on each step, although the toe is not raised. Man will normally commence with RF (Lady LF) and dance four Sur Place "Count" No turn or a gradual turn of up to 1/4 to R or L may be used over four steps. When danced with the turn, the partner on the outside of the turn (Man or Lady) will dance very small Chasses

Sur Place is used as a link between figures, to achieve a desired alignment, and to facilitate correct phrasing

Preceding Figures

PreBronze - Gold Any syllabus figure ended with feet together

Following Figures

PreBronze - Gold Any syllabus figure commenced with feet together

Following Figures

when ended in PP, having taken the last step to side (small step) and turned 1/8 to L (Lady 1/8 to R)

PreBronze Promenade Close
Bronze Huit - Grand Circle
Silver Spanish Line in Inverted CPP


Silver Sur Place may be danced with Elevation, high on toes, or gradually rising to toes and lowering over a series of steps. Example:
Appel on RF with body turn to L, achieving Promenade shape, joined hands lowered "Count 1"
3 Sur Place LRL, turning to R and gradually rising to toes, achieving Counter Promenade Shape "Count 2.3.4"
4 Sur Place RLRL, turning to L and gradually lowering, achieving Promenade shape "Count"
Other combinations could be used

Suggested Styling

Silver A Promenade shape with the joined hands lowered may be used when making no turn or turning L
A Counter Promenade shape may be used when turning R