Travelling Spins from Promenade Position (Gold)

Commence in Closed or Contact Position

Man Foot Position Alignment Turn Foot-
Lead & Shape Count
1 Appel on RF Facing wall No turn WF Commence CPP Shape 1
2 LF to side in PP Along LOD, pointing DW 1/8 to L between 1&2, body turns less HF or BF Achieve CPP Shape 2
3 RF fwd and across in CBMP " No turn HF or BF With R hand, lead Lady to turn R, then release hold with R hand 3
4 LF to side in PP " " HF or BF Weight change 4
5-8 Repeat 3 and 4 twice, RLRL - - - Circle L hand very slightly clockwise on 5. Weight change on 6. Circle hand again on 7. Achieve PP Shape on 8 and regain hold with R hand 5.6


Body is approximately facing wall on 2-8
Lady Foot Position Alignment Turn Footwork Count
1 Appel on LF Facing centre No turn WF 1
2 RF to side in PP Along LOD, pointing DC 1/8 to R between 1&2 HF 2
3 LF fwd in CBMP, then turn underarm on LF to end with RF crossed loosely in front without weight (Spiral turn) Facing LOD. End facing centre 1/8 to R between 2&3, then 3/4 on 3 BF of LF. T of RF 3
4 RF to side in PP Along LOD, facing DC 1/8 to R between 3&4 BF 4
5 Repeat 3 and 4 twice, LRLR - - - 5.6

Note to Man and Lady

Steps 5-8 or 7 and 7 may be omitted if choreography or musical phrasing makes this desirable, the Lady dancing only one or two spins

Preceding Figures

Gold Any syllabus figure ended with feet together, facing wall

Following Figures

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