Huit (Bronze)

Commence in Promenade Position

Man Foot Position Alignment Turn Foot-
Lead & Shape Count
1 RF fwd and across in PP and CBMP Moving along LOD, facing DW No turn HF Maintain PP Shape 1
2 Close LF to RF Facing wall 1/8 to R between 1&2 BF Commence CPP Shape 2
3-8 6 Sur Place RLRLRLRL " No turn 3-7 BF. 8 B of both feet or BF Achieve CPP Shape on 3 and 4. Com. PP Shape on 5. Achieve PP Shape on 6. Com. to return to normal hold on 7. Return to normal hold on 8 3.4


 Sur Place may be omitted on 3-8, Man holding position with feet flat, rising to balls of feet on 8 if desired
Lady Foot Position Alignment Turn Footwork Count
1 LF fwd and across in PP and CBMP Moving along LOD, facing DC No turn HF 1
2 RF to side Facing centre 1/8 to L between 1&2 B 2
3 Replace weight to LF Facing DC against LOD 1/8 to L between 2&3 (LF) BF 3
4 RF fwd and across in CBMP Moving against LOD, facing DC against LOD No turn HF 4
5 LF to side Facing centre 1/8 to R between 4&5 B 5
6 Replace weight to RF Facing DC 1/8 to R between 5&6 (RF) HF 6
7 LF fwd toward Man DC, toe turned out Commence to turn L HF 7
8 Close RF to LF Facing centre 1/8 to L over 7&8 B of both feet 8

Notes to Man and Lady

1 This figure may commence in other alignments, depending on preceding figure
2 Elevation may be used on step 8, rising high to toes

Preceding Figures

Bronze Sur Place, Basic or Chasses to Left ended to side (small step) in PP - Promenade and Counter Promenade - Ecart - 1-4 Open Telemark
Gold 1-5 Fallaway Reverse Turn with Open Telemark Ending - Travelling Spins from PP

Following Figures

Bronze-Gold Any syllabus figure commenced with feet together, depending on alignment
Gold Banderillas (having lead Lady to L side on 7 of the Huit)