Deplacement (PreBronze)

Alternative Methods (including Attack)

Commence in Closed or Contact Position

Man Foot Position Alignment Turn Foot-
Lead & Shape Count
1 RF fwd Facing LOD No turn HF Weight change 1
2 LF fwd " Commence to turn L HF " 2
3 RF to side Facing centre 1/4 L between 2&3 B or BF " 3
4 Close LF to RF " No turn B or BF " 4
Lady Foot Position Alignment Turn Footwork Count
1 LF back Backing LOD No turn BF 1
2 RF back " Commence to turn L BF 2
3 LF to side Backing centre 1/4 to L between 2&3 B or BF 3
4 Close RF to LF " No turn B or BF 4

Notes to Man and Lady

1 Elevation may be used on 4, rising high on toes
2 This figure may also commence DC or DW
3 To achieve a desired alignment, 1/8 turn L may be used between 2&3

Alternative Methods (Bronze)

a 3 Forward Walks RLR (Lady 3 Backward Walks LRL). Close LF to RF (Lady RF to LF). No turn
b The Attack - Appel on 1, then continue as chart
c Slip Attack - Slip Appel on 1 (up to 1/2 turn L may be used), then continue as chart. This figure is useful to achieve the necessary alignment for a following figure

Preceding Figures

PreBronze - Gold Any syllabus figure ended with feet together, facing DC, LOD, or DW (Bronze - Slip attack may commence in other alignments)

Following Figures

PreBronze - Gold Any syllabus figure commenced with feet together, depending on alignment

Suggested Styling

Silver By count 2, lower joined hands in an outward circular movement to (or toward) hip. Return to normal hold over 3.4
Alternatively, keep hands down on 3.4. Return to normal position on 1 of following figure