Spanish Arms (Silver)

Commence in Open Position. Double hand hold

Man Foot Position Turn Lead Count
1.2 1.2 of Link LR No turn As 1.2 of Link Q Q
3-5 LF fwd, very small step, to chasse LRL, to end LF side and slightly fwd in TP, Lady in front, sightly to R side 1/4 to R over 3-5 Raise L hand and circle it anticlockwise, R hand at Lady's waist level. Toward end of 5 give a slight pull with R hand and commence to circle L hand clockwise Q a Q
6-8 Fwd chasse RLR. End in Open Position with Double hand hold 1/8 to R between 5&6 Continue to circle L hand clockwise. Lower arm and lead Lady back at the end of her turn, retaining Double hand hold Q a Q

Study Alignment      Commence facing wall       1 Backing centre       2 Facing wall       3-5 End facing against LOD       6-8 Facing DC against LOD


An additional 1/8 turn R may be made over 6-8
Lady Foot Position Turn Count
1.2 1.2 of Link RL No turn Q Q
3-5 RF fwd to chasse RLR, turning underarm. End RF side and slightly back in TP in front of man, slightly to his R side, then underarm to R on RF 1/4 to L over 3-5, then 1/2 to R on RF Q a Q
6-8 LF diag back to chasse LRL, to end LF back in Open Position with Double hand hold 1/8 to R between 5&6 Q a Q

Study Alignment      1 Backing wall       2 Facing centre       3-5 End backing against LOD, then turn to back DC against LOD       6-8 Backing DC against LOD


When in TP on 5, the L arm is across the front of the body at waist level
2 An additional 1/8 turn to R may be made over 6-8

Preceding Figures (Achieving Double hand hold toward the end of the preceding figure where necessary)

Silver Change of Places L to R - Windmill - Spanish Arms

Following Figures (Releasing R to L hand hold at the beginning of the following figure where necessary)

Silver Link - Change of Places L to R - Change of Hands Behind Back - Hip Bump - American Spin (L to R hand hold) - Stop and Go - Windmill - Spanish Arms - Rolling off the Arm (with Double hold or releasing L to R hand hold)
Gold Toe Heel Swivels

Spin Ending to Spanish Arms

Man Toward the end of 5, give a stronger "pull" with R hand, then immediately release R to L hand hold. 6-8 Compact chasse RLR, making no turn, continuing to turn Lady to R under raised L arm and lowering the arm at the end of Lady's turn. End in Open Position
Lady Spin approximately a complete turn R on RF underarm toward the end of 5. 6-8 LF side and slightly back to chasse LRL, turning 1/2 to end LF back in Open Position