Miami Special (Silver)

Commence in Open Position. Right to Right hand hold

Man Foot Position Turn Lead Count
1.2 1.2 of Link LR No turn As 1.2 of Link Q Q
3-5 LF to side to chasse LRL, turning underarm. End LF back and slightly to side 5/8 to R over 3-5 Raise R hand and circle it strongly anticlockwise over Lady's head. Toward end of 5, continue to circle R hand strongly over own head. Place R hand on R shoulder. At same time, place L hand on Lady's L shoulder blade Q a Q
6-8 Side Chasse RLR, to end in LSP 1/8 to R over 6-8 Release hold with R hand. Gradually slide L hand along Lady's R arm to take L to R hand hold on 8 Q a Q

Study Alignment      Commence facing wall       1 Backing centre       2 Facing wall       3-5 End facing DC       6-8 End facing LOD

Lady Foot Position Turn Count
3-5 Chasse turning underarm, RLR 5/8 to L over 3-5 Q a Q
6-8 Side chasse LRL, sliding R hand down man's L arm until hand contact is gained. End in LSP 1/8 to L Q a Q

Study Alignment      1 Backing wall       2 Facing centre       3-5 End facing DW       6-8 End facing LOD

Preceding Figures (All ended with R to R hand hold)

Silver Change of Places R to L with change of hands - Change of Places L to R with change of hands - American Spin - Rolling off the Arm
Gold Chugging or Catapult

Following Figures (Turn to Open CPP on 1 of following figure)

Silver Change of Places L to R (Man turn 1/4 R over 3-6, Lady 1/2 L) - Hip Bump (Man turn 1/8 R over 3-5, Lady 1/8 L)