Link (PreBronze)

Commence in Open Position

Man Foot Position Turn Lead Count
1 LF back No turn Increase tone in L arm and extend it slightly fwd Q
2 Replace weight to RF " Slightly retract L arm Q
3-5 Fwd chasse LRL. End in Closed Position " Gradually return arms to normal position Q a Q
6-8 Side Chasse RLR " Weight Changes Q a Q

Study Alignment      Commence facing wall       2 Backing centre       2-8 Facing wall

Lady Foot Position Turn Count
1 RF No turn Q
2 Replace weight to LF " Q
3-5 Fwd chasse RLR. End in Closed Position " Q a Q
6-8 Side Chasse LRL " Q a Q

Study Alignment      1 Backing wall       2-8 facing centre


Bronze 1 and 2 may be repeated. This is known as the Double Link

Preceding Figures

PreBronze Fallaway Throwaway - Change of Places R to L - Change of Places L to R - Change of Hands Behind Back - Hip Bump
Bronze American Spin ended with L to R hand hold - Stop and Go
Silver Windmill - Spanish Arms - Simple Spin - Miami Special
Gold Shoulder Spin - Chugging or Catapult ended with L to R hand hold

Following Figures

PreBronze Basic in Place - Fallaway Rock - Fallaway Throwaway - Change of Places R to L
Bronze Walks - Mooch
Silver Reverse Whip
Gold Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break


Bronze 1-5 of Link may precede the Whip or Whip Throwaway, in which case 1/4 turn R is made over 3-5 (Man's step 5 is diagonally forward to end side and slightly forward)
Gold 1.2 of Link with Double Hold may precede 3-20 of Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break

Alternatives to 1.2 of Link

1 (Silver) Flick (or Point) Ball Change
Flick LF forward from knee, slightly off floor (or point LF forward without weight on outside edge of toe)
LF Back with split weight, small step (Toe)
Replace weight to RF
(Lady normal opposite)
This may be danced by Man or Lady at same time or individually
2 (Silver) Hesitation
Hold position with weight on LF (3/4 beat)
Close RF to LF, or replace weight forward to RF (1/4 beat)
LF forward (1 beat)
The Hesitation is more frequently danced by Lady, although it could be used by Man commenced when his weight is on RF. It is most useful when the distance between the couple is greater than normal, making it difficult to step back into 1 of Link