Curly Whip (Gold)

Commence in Closed Position

Man Foot Position Turn Lead Count
1 LF fwd No turn Lower and extend L arm fwd Q
2 Replace weight to RF Commence to turn R Commence to raise L arm Q
3-5 Side chasse LRL. End in Closed Position 1/2 to R over 2-5 Raise L arm and circle hand anticlockwise. Loosen R hand hold on Lady's back for Lady to turn within circle of arm. Regain normal hold at end of Lady's turn Q a Q

Study Alignment      1 Facing wall       2 Backing centre       3-5 End facing centre

Lady Foot Position Turn Count
1 RF back No turn Q
2 Replace weight to LF Commence to turn L Q
3-5 Compact chasse RLR underarm 1/2 to L over 2-5 Q a Q

Study Alignment      1 Backing wall       2 Facing centre       3-5 End facing wall


Most of the turn is made on LF toward end of 2

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Gold Whip (ended facing partner)

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Gold Whip - Whip Throwaway


Man may turn his body slightly R on 1, leading Lady to turn R (Lady 1/4 to R at a 90° angle to Man on his R side). He will turn her more strongly L over 2-5 (Lady 3/4 L)