Hockey Stick (Bronze)

Commence in Fan Position


Step_# Count Steps Position Turn
1 2 LF fwd (Fwd Cucaracha) Fan  
2 3 Transfer weight to RF    
3-5 4&1 Compact Chasse, LRL    
6 2 RF back   1/8 to R between 5-6
7 3 Transfer weight to LF End in Open  
8-10 4&1 Fwd Lock, RLR Open  

1) Steps 3-5 may be replaced by a Ronde Chasse or a Slip Chasse


Step_# Count Steps Position Turn
1 2 Close RF to LF Fan  
2 3 LF fwd    
3-5 4&1 Fwd Lock, RLR    
6 2 LF fwd   1/8 to L between 5-6
7 3 RF fwd, turning to end back & slightly to side End in Open 3/8 to R (Fwd Walk Turning)
8-10 4&1 Back Lock, LRL Open 1/8 to R between 7-8

Preceding Figures

Commenced in Fan Position As described in the charts above
Bronze Fan; Closed Hip Twist
Silver Open Hip Twist; Opening Out from Reverse Top; Spiral; Curl; Cross Basic
Gold Sweetheart
Preceding Step 6 Commenced the Hockey Stick from step 6
Bronze 1-10 Natural Top

Following Figures

Ended in Open Position As described in the charts above, commencing the following figure in Open Position
PreBronze Open Basic; L Side Shoulder to Shoulder; Three Cha Chas Fwd (from step 4)
Bronze Alemana
Silver Open Hip Twist; Curl; Chase
Gold Turkish Towel; Sweetheart; Follow my Leader
Ended in Open CPP Lady turns an additional 1/4 to L on step 7, allowing LF to cross in front of RF (Loose Spiral Action), then Man and Lady both dance a Side Chasse diagonally fwd in Open CPP
PreBronze New York to LSP; Spot Turn to R (Lady to L); Underarm Turn to L
Bronze Three Cha Chas in LSP (from step 4)
Silver LF Cuban Break; Split Cuban Break commenced with LF
Following Step 7 Having danced only until step 7 of the Hockey Stick
PreBronze Three Cha Chas Fwd