International Cha Cha Syllabus


       Right Foot & Left Foot Side Chasse
       Compact Chasse
       Simple Chasse Forward & Backward
       Forward & Backward Locks
       Split Cuban Break Chasse
       Forward & Backward Runs

Basic Movements (Closed, Open, In Place)
New York to Left Side or Right Side Position
Spot, Switch, and Underarm Turns to Left and Right
Left Side & Right Side Shoulder to Shoulder
Hand to Hand to Left Side & Right Side Position (including Alternative Hold)
Three Cha Cha Chas Forward, Backward & Forward in Left Side or Right Side Position
Side Steps to Left or Right
There and Back
Left Foot & Right Foot Time Steps
       Alternative for Compact Chasse


       Shoulder to Shoulder Developments
Hockey Stick
Natural Top
Natural Opening Out Movement
Closed Hip Twist


       Chasses: Rondé; Twist; Slip
       Guapacha Timing
       Spot/Switch Turn to Left (Lady to Right) Development
       Fan Development
       6-10 Hockey Stick from 10 of Natural Top

Open Hip Twist
Reverse Top
Opening Out from Reverse Top
Aida with Ending 1 or 2
       Aida from 5 of Curl or Spiral
Spiral Turns: Spiral; Curl; Rope Spinning
       Underturned Spiral
Cross Basic
Left Foot & Right Foot Cuban Breaks & Split Cuban Breaks


       (Lady's) Runaway Chasse
       Fan Development with Guapacha Timing
       Alemana from Open Position in Right to Right Handhold
       Lady's Underarm Turn to Left during 6-7 of Natural Top
       Cross Basic with Lady's Spiral Turn on 5

Advanced Hip Twist
       Advanced Hip Tiwst with Man's Press Line
       Advanced Hip Tiwst in Right to Right hand hold
Hip Twist Spiral
       7-10 of Hip Twist Spiral after 6 of Open Hip Twist
Turkish Towel
Follow my Leader
Foot Changes, Methods 1 through 4

**Click here for Advanced Cha Cha Figures beyond the Gold Level**