"Pilates is grounded firmly in the mechanics of the skeletal system, the geometrically increasing power of coordinated musculature, and the rejuvenation of the circulatory system through breathing. Pilates discipline is straightforward science and sense. It is so well-balanced between strength, flexibility, coordination, and control, across all patterns of movement, the natural outcome of consistent practice is a uniformly developed body, increased volume-oxygen transfer in the lungs, and sharp mind.

Skeletal, muscular and circulatory are physical systems inherent in every human body, but necessarily refined in the dancer. Of particular value to the Ballroom/Latin dancer, the pilates discipline offsets the very upright or hyperextended spine and limb extensions characteristic of the dance technique. Even a brief practice of the pilates principles creates stamina and endurance and reduces the likelihood of over-use injury or delay caused by many hours of dance practice and performance."