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Do I Need Dance Shoes?

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If you sometimes dance socially or are new to dancing and not sure you want to invest in it, then no, you don't need dance shoes. You can either use regular shoes or dance in socks. If you plan to dance in regular shoes, make sure the sole of the shoe isn't made of sticky rubber, or you could hurt your knee when trying to spin or pivot. Also, always remember to be courteous: don't wear outside shoes on a dance floor, tracking in dirt or water.

If on the other hand you dance socially often, ever plan to compete, or are serious about dancing and want to feel better on the dance floor, then yes, you need dance shoes.

Depending on what style of dance you do, you will need different shoes. But if you are just starting out and don't know what shoes you need, or if you are a social dancer and don't want to invest in multiple pairs, you will probably want Men's Ballroom Shoes or Lady's Latin Shoes. Men generally get Ballroom Shoes because Latin Shoes are too hard to dance Standard / Smooth in. Ladies often get Latin Shoes because Ballroom Shoes are impossible to point your feet in.
If you never want to compete and the shoes are just for practice, grab a pair of practice shoes, which are generally more comfortable and easier on the body than real shoes.

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