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Visit our Workshop to find figures and syllabi for all the dances

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From dance statistics to healthy eating, go beyond the steps to improve as a dancer

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Everything you need to succeed at competition

Competition Locator

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Find competitions near you!

Planning your next competitive season? Ballroom Guide's competition locator is the most up to date on the internet, with USA Dance, NDCA, and Collegiate competitions all in...

Train your Body the Right Way

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Practicing dance alone will only get you so far...

Almost all professional dancers have trained strengthening, flexibility, and body centering outside of just dancing. Practice regiments like Pilates are scientifically shown to enhance flexibility, improve balance, and increase...

Secrets of Competition Hair & Make up!

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Hair and Make up Made Easy

Guides, videos, and walkthroughs to the best hair and make up techniques. This isn't your every day routine. These are serious guides on how to achieve "the look" and make it last through a whole competition. Have you ever wondered how the pros...